Poor sleep | Reflexology

Louise Mitchell says: As I am moving out of the area and will no longer be able to continue seeing you I am writing to thank you so much for the difference the reflexology treatments have made to help with my erratic sleep patterns.

I was so wound up when I first came to you, and had tried so many different treatments and as you know I didn't really think reflexology would make any difference to me. The initial 'assessment' made me start thinking straight away about my whole life style which was not helping with my stress and anxiety levels. So I had to consider making changes for myself as well as having the weekly treatments with you, that allowed me to relax and enabled me to see more clearly. I have then found myself sleeping more and more soundly and continuously through the night and consequently have more energy throughout the day.

Thank you.

Arthritis | Reflexology

E Ward of Watford says: "I have been suffering from joint inflammation and pain for several years and have been diagnosed with arthritis by my doctor.  On a recommendation I went to see Lyndae who took great care before treating me to discuss my problem concerns and expectations.  I felt confident and reassured by her professionalism.  I have been seeing her on a regular basis since that first session and can honestly say the reflexology has helped in lessoning the pain but also given me more movement in the joints and consequently energy and hope."

Sports Injury | Deep Tissue Massage

Melissa says: "After a nasty fall from a horse and excruciating pain in my lower back, I decided I needed some professional help.  So I went to Lyndae who to start with gave me some gentle massage to alleviate the immediate pain, then advised me to go to the doctors and if he were happy to continue seeing her, I would go back.

Which I did and had Deep Tissue massage focusing on the lower back.  I found this worked incredibly well and was up and riding again by the following week.

I am now starting massage for my shoulders and neck as I find a combination of working full-time at a desk and the cold weather causes a lot of pain and discomfort.  The regular massage over the winter months really helps with the aches and pains and is very relaxing.

Would definitely recommend Lyndae.

Neck/back pain | Deep Tissue Massage

Shelley says: "I went to Lyndae after being advised by my physiotherapist that a regular Shoulder and Neck Massage would be beneficial.

Lyndae was able to pin point the troublesome area immediately and, twice a week, worked on softening my muscles until, at the end of each session, I felt complete relief.

She also gave me advice on how to prevent further muscle spasms which, along with physiotherapy, alleviated my pain.

I still visit Lyndae each week and after each shoulder and neck massage, Lyndae also gives me a Japanese Face Massage, which relaxes me so completely I have trouble staying awake!"

Anxiety/stress | Reflexology

M Green says: "I look forward to my reflexology treatments with Lyndae very much, as within minutes of the treatment beginning, I get a complete sense of relaxation and an 'at peace' feeling. Lyndae carefully tailors the treatments to meet my needs of detoxing and general energy boost and adjusts the treatment to how I'm feeling that day.

Before coming to Lyndae I had trouble sleeping, and  had been prescribed medication for anxiety and stress. There were times when I even became unable to work. Over a period of regular reflexology treatments this has now changed; I sleep much better, feel energized and I no longer take any medication!

I would not hesitate to recommend Lyndae"

Work related back & shoulder pain | Deep Tissue Massage

Being a hairdresser I used to suffer a lot with my back and shoulders from using my arms and standing all day long.  After starting treatments with Lyndae I have felt a lot more comfortable with much of the pain in my back and shoulders being taken away.  I look forward to my weekly escape when it's time for my massage it's the only time I really relax! The service is great she's always on time, I've never been cancelled and I think the price is really reasonable! - I've recommended her to all of my friends!! Carli from Bushey